About the Book

Welcome to the promotional site for Fuck or Swim, an exurban noir by Jules Bentley.  This novel follows PJ, a male sex worker in the outer suburbs of Miami, Florida. It’s an exciting book full of unglamorized violence, psychologically rich characters and vivid geography.

It’s not just good; it’s the best thing I’ve ever written. Why not read an excerpt?

Fuck or Swim is a hardboiled thriller in the traditions of Jim Thompson and Jean-Patrick Manchette. It’s a crime novel, but not an office-chair macho’s daydream of life in the underclass. It’s grounded in my own years in the sex industry, and I wrote the first two drafts while under multiple felony indictments.

why you should publish it

At 54,000 words long, Fuck or Swim is a quick, compelling read that will seize and retain readers’ attention both as an e-book and in print.

I have a track record of excellent writing, and there’s lots more to come. I believe in Fuck or Swim and stand ready to promote it by whatever means: I’ll create a video trailer for it, put together a tour behind it, anything it takes to sell copies.

If you’re interested in providing a publishing opportunity, please drop me an e-mail.